dreamed love sober, sacred
where does she lie?
i know where, but can't find it

bound in concrete, watered down
what is a sleeper cell?
i know there's a sky up there, but can't see it from here

lost track of trust, trusting
when did it happen?
i know i was burying then, but, then, i'm still burying now

tidy up a bit.
i've gotta break this routine, this asking
i know what i did, i'm just saying

i'd like to stay here longer.
i'd like to stay there longer.

do you see the dots between the lines?
do you respond to them?
can you grow to love them?

will you skip the spaces?
do they help you see where the words are?

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Avo157 dijo...

I really really like it. Can't describe the feeling though- sorry, I couldn't give a more 'concrete' criticism...